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openCortex is a mingusworks project and was created by mydesignco with the support of
American Solar Challenge, SourceForge and a cast of ever-ebullient solar car alumns.
themingusworks is an umbrella organization for a group of engineers who love to design and build simple, socially-conscious solutions to challenging technical problems. We are mechanical, electrical and software engineers with extensive industry experience and a passion for solving problems with constrained resources. We are a volunteer group, and are supported purely by the generosity of those who share our enthusiasm for the projects we choose to take on. openCortex is one such project, and we have again found the support we needed to make it possible.
mydesignco is a web and software interface design and development shop, always and especially interested in a meaty information design challenge. We like to organize and mold large, messy, unwieldy masses of data into organic...dynamic and....didactic databases - with intuitive and informative interfaces to boot. We always try to infuse a little bit of quirkiness, humor and a sense of aesthetic into all of our work while designing visual interfaces that strengthen and bring out the power of the back-end technology. We also design for software, corporate web sites, identity and print. mydesignco
The American Solar Challenge (ASC) is an educational sporting event in which university teams, companies and clubs from around the world competed to build and race solar-powered cars across the country from Chicago following what remains of Route 66 through Illinois, Missouri, Oklahoma, Texas, New Mexico, Arizona and California. Formerly known as Sunrayce, Originally sponsored by GM, ASC (formerly known as Sunrayce) has a twelve year legacy with hundreds of solar cars built, tens of thousands of miles driven and thousands of participants. ASC has been enormously supportive, helping us brainstorm, sharing their knowledge and experiences with solar racing and providing us with valuable information and data.

Eventually, we hope to contact and nurture working relationships with all of the various solar vehicle races around the world. If you are affiliated with a race and would like to work with us to publicize your event or store your data, please contact us. The faster the oC community grows, the stronger the solar vehicle community will become.

As an opensource project - licensed under the GPL - we have had the caring support of SourceForge, without which it is doubtful this project could ever have happened. SourceForge.net Logo
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